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Relocation/Expansion Subleasing  Renewal

Tenant Subleasing

Tenant Subleasing

Subleasing is an invaluable tool for any company and can be used for cost cutting, consolidation, relocation or securing future expansion space. During the course of a lease, a business cycle can change and subleasing can become an advantageous option.

With more than two decades of experience in Tenant Representation and agency assignments, CORE Commercial Properties has the knowledge and expertise to determine the value of a sublease and orchestrate a marketing campaign designed to attract potential subtenants. Through a multi-pronged marketing approach, we target appropriate companies and the commercial brokerage community thereby attracting qualified and financially stable subtenants.

The Process:

  • Lease evaluation

  • Analysis of future rent stream

  • Evaluation of competitive sublet and direct space

  • Strategy planning

  • Production of marketing material

  • Target companies and commercial brokerage industry

  • Financial analysis

  • Sublease negotiations

  • Review of term sheet and sublease document 

  • Architectural and construction execution

  • Finalization and delivery of consent documents

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