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CORE Commercial Properties offers commercial property analytic services to clients in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound Region. Real estate market information is the key to making the right decisions and avoiding the wrong ones. Without it there is no way to know if you are competitive in the marketplace. Types of commercial real estate analytic information that we provide are comparable rent analysis, comparable sales analysis, demographic analysis, competitive market analysis and others. We have invested heavily in technology to be able to provide the very best, up to date information for our clients.  We thoroughly review and evaluate the critical details that determine a property's nature, condition and relative market position. By understanding and quantifying risks, verifying financial soundness and making sure nothing is overlooked we are able to provide Owners with an in-depth look at the current status of their property.


The Process:

  • Meet with Ownership to determine goals and objectives

  • Review comparable for sale and sold comps in the competitive market area

  • Investigate market and industry trends

  • Property review, financial, qualitative and quantitative analysis

  • Preparation and delivery of deliverables to ownership

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