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Responsive Property Management

​​​​See how CORE Commercial Properties can free up your time, reduce costs, minimize risk, add value to your property and provide piece of mind that your investment is being looked after by dedicated professionals.  We are happy to prepare a Management Proposal for your commercial, multi-family or residential properties at your convenience.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of effective property management. CORE Commercial Properties strives to set the industry standard for responsiveness and proactive communications to all parties including Owners, Tenant, Vendors, and Prospective Tenants.

  • Immediate Response to Owner and Tenant Inquiries

  • Proactive Reports and Updates

  • Timely Notification of Important Activity


Preservation of value and the financial success of your commercial or residential property is our primary goal. Freeing owners to pursue other activities while allowing you to stay up to date on all aspects of the property provides a sense of confidence. This strengthens our reputation and allows our business to grow with welcomed referrals and repeat business.

  • Continual Reviews of Property, Building Systems and Equipment Condition

  • Consistent Lease Pricing Analysis

  • Continued Scrutiny of Vendor Pricing


Cutting edge technology and proprietary systems are important tools used to further our clients goals and objectives.  Using automation and data driven solutions, we provide our clients with the best service. access and results in the industry.

  • Online Inspection Reports with Images

  • Online Maintenance Request and Lease Payments

  • Owner Financials and Reports Available 24/7

  • Automated Financial Analysis

  • Online Document Review and Execution

  • Mobile Friendly Apps

  • Easy Online Scheduling


It is important to promote any vacancies prior to lease expiration to the widest audience possible.  Our comprehensive, targeted and expansive marketing program, combined with our day to day direct marketing efforts provide the most effective leasing program to keep vacancy down while providing quality tenants at current market rates. All applicants are thoroughly screened by running the appropriate background and credit reports, reviewing financials, and verifying employment and previous rental history as needed.

  • Multi-layered Marketing Approach

  • Easy Scheduling and Showings

  • Online Applications and Lease Review​


CORE Commercial Properties endeavors to be the #1 rated commercial and residential property management company in the Puget Sound Region.  This means we strive for the best outcomes in all segments of the property management process, including prompt service for all inquiries, cutting-edge back-end and front-facing systems, top of the line reporting and communication to maintain our goal of 100% client satisfaction, 100% of the time.

  • Easy Scheduling and On-time Appointments

  • Vetted, Licenced and Bonded Vendors

  • CPA Level Financial Reporting, Rent Rolls, Delinquency Reports, Lease Expiration Tracking and Regular Marketing Updates

  • CORE Exclusive Owner Summary Reports

Management Proposal Request

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